Friday, 18 February 2011

Angels (Commissioned Painting)

Well, crap--when I was posting Tulips, it seems when I copy-pasted this post for the description, I somehow managed to post the edited Tulips description here inadvertenty, and then saving it! Just noticed it while I was working on the Reconciliation post. So I'll have to try to remember what I had here before the gaffe, and repost a reasonable facsimile...!


Joey said...

Absolutely wonderful!
You nailed it.

Any chance of developing a greeting card mix-pack product including of all the pieces featured on this site?

Some, like Angels and Mary Mother of the World, should be full-bleed images in front, and others like Adoration, should have a margin. Just a reco. When you figure out that price and quantity and image mix, let me know! I'm in!

Kane Augustus said...

Hello, Man of Many Talents!

Nice to see you're not burying them, but causing them to multiply.

Thank you for the sampling; it is quite nice to see your passions exploding onto canvas and about a subject that consumes you while feeding you.

I hope many more commissions come your way, my friend.

Take care,

Gregory said...

That's most certainly the plan. Just got to get it together with my supplier. I have a few other images that I'd add to the mix, as well (which are coming soon--i.e., this week--to the blog).

Thanks for the encouragement :) It's nice to have my supplies unburied, so that I can dig up my talent again!